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Change of Business Name from 1 December 2017

On 1 July 2017 Australian Registry Investments (ARI) commenced operating the Land and Property Information (LPI) NSW business under a 35 year concession.  Under the terms of the agreement, ARI will change the registered business name and branding of the business from 1 December 2017.

The new business name, registered by ARI with ASIC, will be:

NSW Land Registry Services (NSWLRS)

More information is available on Circular 2017/11.

Changes to Websites and Online Portal 


We will advise you soon of our new domain names. 

We will progressively update our website and portal content to reflect our new registered business name and branding; you may notice minor interruptions to our websites and access to our web services while we make these changes, however we will provide notices for all scheduled maintenance. 

The new domain names for the websites and Online Portal will be in effect from 1 December 2017.